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Your message for all to see

Digital Signage is a medium with endless possibilities, and we can help you put out your message more effectively. Here at Imvinet, we offer installation, content creation and tech support solutions, so you can have a great impact on your audience.

Our process

If you decide to work with us, we offer you a whole team of specialists who work with passion to captivate your clients. Here is how we've structured our workflow:

  • Kickoff

    To start, we offer you a wide range of hardware and services. Also, we give you the best advice and alternatives to help you get your own Digital Signage channel.

  • Design & Animation

    Let our designers mix your brand and corporate identity with their creativity to make jaw-dropping motion graphics for your spots.

  • Technology

    We can inject dinamism into your spots, sprinkinling some magic here and there, and voilà! dynamic, real-time data in your screens.

  • Traffic

    Our traffic staff will always be there to get your requirements and feedback, coordinating design and technology teams to publish high-quality content to your channel.

  • Monitoring

    Once we get your channel up and running, we will keep an eye on it to make sure everything is working just fine.

Things couldn't be clearer

Digital Signage (DS) is a very flexible medium, that allows to put out more useful, eye-catching content at a fraction of the cost and with superior communication and interaction possibilities with your audience. Your marketing or corporate communication strategies have a compelling option with DS.

DS as a technology approach is not just about hardware acquisition and installation, but can also integrate social media and real-time data publishing tools. This way, you get growing chances of customer conversion, with dynamic and memorable experiences that strengthen the value proposition of your brand.

Logistics to manage a DS circuit is simple, adaptable and with immediate response times. Also, you have a wide range of hardware and screen configurations to choose from, be it a simple information post or a mezmerizing, multi-screen video wall.

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